H&M finds – cute & cheap.

While shopping for Christmas presents in December, I came across a wall of cosmetics at H&M. The stores in Brampton aren’t nearly as large as the store I visited in downtown Toronto. Maybe that’s why they have so many body&beauty products.

They’re limited to eyeshadows, lipglosses, nail polishes and lotions. But I’ve never really looked at their lipglosses before. Boy am I ever glad that I picked two up!

My Small H&M Beauty Haul

I bought Passion Pink and Moonstruck in Mustique. They both have a low pigmentation which make them suitable over a shade of lipstick that’s a bit darker. They both also have a somewhat thick texture and have just enough to stick to last hours but not stick your lips together.

(Top) Lipgloss Tube (Bottom) Swatched on hand

Passion Pink has the scent of rice krispies. Delicious 🙂

It is a light pink with little white glitters making it almost look like pink sand. I think this colour is suitable for those who are somewhere between a pale skin shade and olive. It looks really good over a neutral or rosy coloured lipstick.

(Top) Lipgloss tube (Bottom) Swatched on hand

Moonstruck in Mustique has the scent of artificial strawberries.

It’s a really like creamy white/pink, also with white glitters making it look even lighter. If you have really light skin and you’d like to have the pale pink looking lips, this lip gloss would look really nice over a pale pink lipstick.

(Top) Lipstick tube (Bottom) Applied onto lips

Lately, I’ve been using Passion Pink over my favourite lipstick, Revlon’s Mauve It Over. I think the combo works well together. The lipstick hides my uneven lip colour and makes me not look dead and the shiny pink gloss over it compliments the colour.

H&M’s Pink Passion applied over Revlon’s Mauve It Over

At only $1.95 each, I’d say it’s a steal. Not only does it smell good and look good, it also makes me feel good having money still left in my purse.


One thought on “H&M finds – cute & cheap.

  1. look at your shiny lips! I’m surprised H&M provides some decent makeup quality, considering their clothes aren’t made to last more than a year. But still, love that store.

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