The change in season brings a change in hairstyle: Ombre

No, not the spanish card game Hombre. I’m talking ombre hair.

The trend has been around for awhile now but now that we’re in Spring and soon to be approaching Summer, we look out for what hairstyles are emerging that take over the female population.

This year, it seems as though the ombre hairdye job is coming back to make a hit once again. Not only is it a hit for celebrities but it’s made its way to the streets of Toronto.

I remember the days when people used to get upset when their roots used to grow in, but with this trend, there’s no need to fret about the gradient that’s starting to appear. Though, that is unless you’re brave and choose to have hair as contrasting and bold as Drew Barrymore’s (below).

Drew Barrymore’s bold Ombre hair

The best thing to do, like nearly everything, is to keep it simple and subtle. Like Rachel Bilson’s lightly-tipped hair (below), the colours compliment and leave her looking ready for a day under the sun.

Rachel Bilson’s subtle Ombre hair

Although the look may seem difficult or challenging to achieve, there is a solution and somewhat easy technique that you at home are able to use in order to get the look. There are many DIY videos and blog posts presenting steps – including Alexis Coronado’s DIY Ombre Hair – that you can follow at home.


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