Foundation Routine (& Brows!)

I find that my routine for putting on my base makeup (or foundation) changes from time to time. I find new products that I like better, I do more of something, or take out a step. As of 2011, this is what I’ve been doing on most days to start applying makeup.

Starting with my favourite face moisturizer from Glysomed, I apply that everywhere. I make sure not to miss places that, with my skin, inevitably get dry. Putting makeup on top of dry areas creates flakes, and that’s not so pretty. It has an SPF of 15 so I know that it will not only help keep my skin moisturized but it will also help with sun protection.

Then I take Cover Girl’s Smoothers concealer (in shade 705 – fair) and blend that over my dark under-eye circles, scars and blemishes. If you have any redness on your skin, you may want to blend some of this there as well to hide/lessen it. I find that using a shade slightly lighter than my skin tone works better.

Using Maybelline’s Super Stay foundation (in natural beige) and a stipple brush from E.L.F., I dab and smear a thin layer all over my face. Make sure to get all the way to your hair line and your neck otherwise you might appear to be wearing a mask. You don’t want that. It blends and looks much better in a lot better as well in person (and on camera/photos).

To finish off, I use Maybelline’s Dream Matte powder (in beige) and an all-around face brush from E.L.F. to sweep a sealing coverage over my face. Because the powder has a matte finish, it helps conceal and get rid of shininess that I would have on my face normally, and I really like that.

And that’s all there is to it. Nothing totally difficult, expensive or caked on. Simple & sophisticated!


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