Sexiest Man Alive

I’m not usually one to keep up with the Sexiest Man/Woman Alive list.

But it seems as though much of the bloggers and entertainment agencies are really upset over the fact Bradley Cooper won the title over Ryan Gosling. To be fair, they are both incredibly attractive and have qualities that every Mom would love. Gosling has been in staring in many recent films from Blue Valentine to Crazy, Stupid, Love. while Cooper shines in The Hangover, Alias and Nip/Tuck.

I fell the hardest for Gosling when I watched him win Allie’s heart in The Notebook. But Cooper really stuck out when he made television appearances speaking in fluent French. C’mon ladies (and some gents!), who doesn’t find a multilingual extra attractive?

I think they’re were both good candidates so with that being said, maybe Gosling will win it next year.





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