Current: nails

Just an update of my nails. I know I get a lot of comments on them at school and sometimes at work.

Yes, I filed them to look like that. No, they are not my real nails.

My real nails never grow on account of them constantly being chewed down by frustration and anxiety. Therefore, I lack long nails. So what’s the easiest solution? Fake nails. You can shape them however you want, paint them however you like and it’s so simple. The only problem is: you need to either invest in a good nail glue or, if you’re really feeling skimpy about dishing out the cash, then buy a nail glue from the local pharmacy and make sure to carry it around in your purse with you each time you leave the house.

The light pink is from Sally Hansen in Bubblegum Pink, it was on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for $3. I wouldn’t have bought it otherwise – I’m an Essie girl. The glitter is also from Sally Hansen in Rockstar Pink. It looks a bit galactic from afar, which I adore.

Oh, and my reasoning for filing them as such has been, “Oh… you know, I take the subway now and you never know when you’re going to get attacked.” But they’re actually inspired by Dannie Riel’s nails seen here… though having these nails still provide the lethal potential 😉


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