Winter/Fall look: Emerge


My outfit for today is inspired by the style that I see over Tumblr. It’s even based off Kreayshawn’s “swag”, you could say.

The idea of wearing a jean shirt seems very boyish to me and that’s exactly why I enjoy wearing it. The gold chain bracelet and necklaces accent the outfit while still keeping the girl in the outfit. It’s simple.

And because the two jeans are not the same colour, the contrast helps it not appear like you’re dressed top to bottom in jean – ’cause that just looks weird. Having a darker wash jean or even black pants under a light jean top works best.

Planet satin blouse
£59 –

Hollister Co. cuffed jeans
$35 –

Zara flower brooch
$9.90 –

Erickson Beamon braided chain necklace
$314 –

Marc by marc jacobs jewelry
$88 –

Yves Saint Laurent gold plated jewelry
$1,595 –

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