Review: NYC’s Ultra Moist Lip Wear in 320 Mahogany

I was originally trying to find a similar colour (Wine Not, to be exact) in Revlon’s Matte lipsticks, but when I got to the drugmart only to find it was sold out, I was just looking for a cheap alternative.

The first thing you notice about the lipstick is that it’s in a packaging that looks a bit similar to concealers. It’s cute. Nothing too fancy, and you’re able to see the colour on the bullet, as well as the name underneath the tube.

The colour looks quite dark when you see it in person, I was hestitating whether to buy this one or a shade lighter.

As expected of a moist lipsticks, the colour isn’t so pigmented when first applied. It’s really not as dark as it looks at all. But with a few more swipes, you can see the product is buildable and therefore the colour on the bullet is achievable.

Here you can see what it looks like applied with a few layers. With about 4 swipes, the product is still really light and does not appear to be ‘caked on’.

The lipstick provides my lips with moisture and the colour does last a few hours. So, with that being said: for the low price of $2.29, if you don’t mind a non-matte lipstick that takes layers to get the colour right, then this is a steal.


3 thoughts on “Review: NYC’s Ultra Moist Lip Wear in 320 Mahogany

  1. I am thinking of buying this but thought it might look too vampy on me. But after seeing your swatch I think it would be a great neutral for me.

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