TV Review: Wild Romance (Korean)


Aired: Jan 4 – Feb 23 ’12
Episodes: 16
Cast: Lee Si Young, Lee Dong Wook, Oh Man Suk, Kang Dong Ho, Hwang Sun Hee

Wild Romance begins when bodyguard (and female lead), Eun Jae, is out celebrating her father’s birthday.

Intoxicated, she runs into famous baseball player (and male lead), Park Moo Yul, and starts a fight with him. You see… he plays for the ‘Red Dreamers’ and Eun Jae is a fan of the ‘Blue Seagulls’.

The next day, a video of Eun Jae flipping Park Moo Yul goes viral – ‘Humiliated Park Moo Yul’. Eun Jae eventually is forced to become his personal bodyguard in order to save her career and Park Moo Yul is obliged to accept her in order to save his career. They can’t stand each other at all.

In between all this, a mystery involving Park Moo Yul’s lovesick stalker unravels. Eun Jae is then put into a situation where she either puts her job before her hatrid towards Park Moo Yul or let her anger take over.

If you can find some time, I would recommend watching this mystery-filled romantic-comedy.

Spoilers ahead!

I think what I loved most about this drama is how the female lead was first to admit her feelings as opposed to the male who normally inevitably falls for the female lead and confesses first because she’s too shy to make the initial move.

What I didn’t like was how obvious and predictable the mystery aspect of the show was. I could’ve guessed it was his housekeeper all along. Like c’mon! Couldn’t it have been a little more mysterious? She was creepy the whole way through.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Lee Dong Wook (Park Moo Yul), after seeing him in Heartbreak Library. Nor was I really a fan of Lee Si Young (Eun Jae). But that’s probably only because she was an antagonist in Playful Kiss. She’s an unbelievable actress though. She totally captured the part perfectly – since she was of course previously trained in marital arts.

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