Enhancing Your Glow Using Correcting Concealers

Cross-posted on emergemagazine.ca

Have you ever gone into a drugstore, seen a palate with pink, green, purple and apricot cream concealers, and wondered to yourself, what the heck is that for? I know I’ve done it plenty of times. Those little compacts/palates can help you correct any discoloration or small flaws you may have on your face.

For: Dark and thin under-eyes / beauties with dark designer eye-bags
Pro: Brightens, takes away sleepy appearance
How: After a priming concealer, dab the pink shade over your undereyes to even out your skin tone or hide your lack of sleep

For: Acne-prone rosy beauties
Pro: Counters redness
How: Dust colour over red areas

Dull winter beauties
Pro: Hides yellow undertones, creates a sunkissed effect
How: Apply on your cheekbones, nose, chin (basic T-zone) or wherever the sun would naturally hit

Medium-to-dark beauties
Pro: Adds natural-looking shine/glow
How: Swipe the colour along your T-Zone for a glowing primer.


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