Spotlight :: Time Lapse Videos

If you’ve never heard of the term time-lapse, then you’re living your life under a rock or at least just in the present. Haven’t you ever wondered about the minor details that changed in order to have the exact appearance something has right now?

Above is a time-lapse video Frans Hofmeester, a filmmaking Dad, made for his daughter. From the day she was born until she turned 12, he captured moments weekly of her change. It’s a beautiful thing really.. to be able to look back and watch something so special like this.

Below, is a different type of time-lapse video. Instead of capturing people, this one by Dustin Farrell, features various landscapes in high-definition.

It’s breathtaking appeal reaches beyond just the landscape lovers and photographers. While showcasing changes in appearance there’s many things that really enticed me to this video. The stars alone at the very beginning already roped me in.

If you had the time, would you consider making a time-lapse video? And what would it be of?


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