How I Get Through Airport Security

My thoughts? It makes me feel good knowing that they are trying to keep everyone on and off board safe, but at the same time, it’s crazy annoying to have to take out your keys, take out your wallet, and shuffle like mad to collect yourself after walking through the doorway.

Here’s a few things I’ve learnt over the years which help me get through security like a boss:

When you’re at the front of the line, grab 3 of those buckets/trays,

  • In the first bucket: Smaller things that are normally in my pant pocket (ie. change, hair ties, keys, iphone), I stick them in my jacket/sweater pocket. Then throw my whole jacket into the bucket.
  • Second bucket: Laptops need to be taken out of bags and cases, so I take it out and put those in there.
  • Third bucket: My carry-on (= my camera, notebook, passport, wallet, etc.)

After you go through, it all comes out of the machine in the order I want to put it on. Jacket first, put away the laptop and sling that on my arm, then finally grab the carry-on and go. Simple!


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