Playlist For the Plane


  1. Simple Plan (f. Sean Paul) – Summer Paradise
  2. Auburn – All About Him
  3. Lateeya – Cheap Date
  4. The Wanted – Glad You Came
  5. IU – Someday
  6. Sistar – Ma Boy
  7. Wayne Wonder – No Letting Go
  8. Explosions In the Sky – Your Hand in Mine
  9. BoB (f. Hayley Williams) – Airplanes
  10. EPonym & Esta (feat. Jeff Bernat) – Distance

So I’m off to Vancouver! But I thought I’d leave you all with a playlist I made specifically for this vacation (visiting family and boyfriend) — A mix of stuff I enjoy listening to on a daily basis with (of course) a twist of travel-oriented tunes.

It’s important to keep yourself occupied and entertained on a plane – if you’re not sleeping – because it’s hard to stay in one spot. Especially when your plane trip is more than 3 hours!

So that’s the plan! …Sitting tight, eating snacks, and enjoying some good music that will excite me even more.


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