JK Rowling Brings The Magic Home

The creator of Harry Potter decided to really bring the magical adventure home for her own children by building a playground.

JK Rowling has based the two-storey tree houses on her imagination relating to the novels. They are intended for her two youngest children, David (9) and Mackenzie (7). It will stretch across her Edinburgh mansion backyard and will cost the author an estimated £150,000.

Above is the computer simulation of what the tree houses are planned to look like. Two 40ft high tree towers linked by a rope bridge. And if that isn’t cool enough, there’s even a hidden tunnel under the raised walkway.

Closest to the secret tunnel is ‘David’s Tree House’ which includes a trap door and fireman’s pole for easy exit into the backyard. While Kenzie’s has a spiral staircase and double set of swings following a stainless steel slide.

On the other side, the walkway continues and connects to a giant trampoline which is secluded and away from public view (thanks to a row of conifers).

Pretty amazing if you ask me. Even in my 20’s, I’d still enjoy and love an adventure in the backyard playground.

And for you greenpeacers, the tree houses will be built from only sustainably managed forests.

*Source & photos: http://www.dailymail.co.uk


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