Anime Review: Golden Boy (Based Off the Manga)


Aired: 1995
Episodes: 6
Cast: (English dub cast) Doug Smith, Carol Amerson, Carolyn Boone

Did I like this anime? I’m not even sure.

I mean, I wouldn’t mind watching more episodes of it, but with that being said, if there were any more the story plot would have just dragged on. The “idea” would have been overdone. It’s best where it sits at 6 episodes.

This 1995 animated series was derived from the manga produced in 1992 – which was showcased in a magazine entitled, Super Jump.
The story is about a 25-year-old, perverted university drop-out, Kintaro Oe. After dropping his law degree and leaving Tokyo University, Oe sets off on an adventure, going town-to-town and beginning his journey as a travelling student.

He encounters several women who have vastly different careers. Somehow, despite his lack of making a good first impression, he still manages to make an impact on their lives (positively).

If you have nothing else to watch… sure, give this hilarious ecchi anime a chance.

The story line was predictable, but that’s no surprise since this anime was from the 90’s. Not saying all 90’s animes are predictable, but for me a majority of them are.

And to go along with it being totally predictable, of course the women all go chasing after him because he’s taught them such a valuable lesson.

Overall a 4/10.

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