DIY :: Fire-starting Pie!

Based on that title, it sounds like it could be one dangerous treat you wouldn’t want to make. But it really is a treat – not edible, but totally practical.

Picture this. You’re lost on a treeless island. There aren’t any trees around you, so how can you start a fire to signal for help? Ta-da! FIRE-STARTING PIE!

It’s simple! Using just cosmetic cotton pads and candles, you’ll be able to make long and slow burning fire-starting pies.

All you need to do is: put a candle in a pan (one you don’t care about getting wax in), raise the heat, slow and low. Once you have a quarter of an inch of liquid wax, use a tweezer to put the pads in the pan. Don’t let them overlap. After a few seconds, they’ll be perfectly coated. Take them out and cool them on some wax paper before throwing them into a bag.

Ta-da! That’s it.

These pies are small, and make it really convenient to throw into a first-aid kit, emergency kit or bag to store in the car. So the next time you need to start a quick fire, tear one of the pads to expose the fibers inside, and light it up.



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