TV Review: Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (Korean)

Aired: Oct. 31 – Dec. 20 ’11
Episodes: 16
Cast: Jung Il Woo, Lee Chung Ah, Lee Ki Woo, Park Min Woo, Jo Yoon Woo

It starts by introducing college student Yang Eun Bi. She’s studying for her civil service exam which puts her towards her dream of becoming a teacher.

During this time, she accidentally meets Cha Chi Soo, the “prince” and son of the largest food conglomerate in Korea, who happens to still be in highschool.

Unknowingly, she asks him out, and well… the rest is for you to find out!

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For lovers of a comedy-filled, tear-jerking love story, this one is made for you.

If you’re still skeptical on whether you should take the chance to watch this romantic-comedy, you can read on through the cut, but watch out for spoilers 😉

The story-line is so simple. It’s really girl meets boy, boy is out of league, boy loves girl, boy ends up with girl. If you don’t mind a single story supported by even more simple stories, then this one might tickle your heart strings.

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I whipped through this in 2 days. I’m pretty sure with a story-line so simple, and beat-around-the-bush, they could have done it in maybe… 8 episodes? There was a lot of pointless scenes as well as excessively long dialogue.

Negativity aside, it’s been a long time since I’ve laughed out loud because of a drama, and well… this drama is hilarious. I was a laughter victim to every joke they made, and I did find myself crying throughout the series. It was interesting to see how much Cha Chi Soo had changed from the person he was at the beginning to how lovable and noble he was by the end – very cute! Also having a really strong female lead (not only emotionally but physically) is a refreshing change.

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I admire Choi Kang Hyuk’s character so much. He’s such a humble and caring guy. Really… ladies, how often do we meet men who are willing to give their long-lost arrogant brother the girl they’re interested in without a fight?

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The part where Eun Bi’s father passes away really broke my heart. I couldn’t bear to think about how it would feel to be in her situation. Avoiding him for years, finally coming back, only to lose him.

Definitely lost interest in every side-story: between Ba Wool and Yoon So Yi, and Eun Bi’s best friend and her coach. They just didn’t compare whatsoever to the main three-way, and are easily skip-over-able.

The drama was cute but I probably wouldn’t watch it again. That being said, my rating for this drama would be 3.5/5. Docked off points for being too long for what it was, and for having poor supporting side-stories.


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