Bonjour Octobre!

At the start of new months, I always take a few minutes to jot down what I’m currently doing (be it reading, listening, watching, etc.) and re-assess my blogging resolutions.

I tell myself what I’d like to do in terms of my website, and what I’m actually capable of accomplishing in my free time-span. I have a lot of hope that October will ring in some new opportunities, but until I actually see the doors open, I’m just relying on faith.

With no further ado, my currents and promises for October!:


I promise to blog more. Period.
I promise to give you more variety, and not just days-of-the-weeks post.
I promise to write more news-worthy pieces.
I promise to YouTube more to give you more multimedia posts.
I promise to give you your own domain… eventually.
I promise to make you a new layout – from scratch and not the lazy way.
I promise to really try blogging once a day.

Currently reading: The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan
Currently listening to: Big Hoops by Nelly Furtado (501 Remix)
Currently watching: My Fair Lady (K-drama) while awaiting the start of Vampire Diaries 4
Currently obsessing over: Choosing between a Macbook Pro and an iMac to buy, Aromatic candles (specifically the kinds that smell like desserts), Dannie Riel (import model)
Currently worried about: Finding my dream career
Currently excited about: Having more time to blog



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