Shooting in Newtown, Connecticut Leaves President Obama Heartbroken

My heart goes out to all the victims and their families who have been affected by this horrible tragedy. I cannot even express how much sympathy I have for everyone involved.

Not only were 26 lives taken (20 of them children), but so was the innocence of everyone else in the school. There is no way those children – who may have witnessed or even heard gunshots – will have the same perspective of life as they had yesterday.

According to the Toronto Star, the gunman was 20-years-old, Adam Lanza, whose original motive was to kill his mother, a kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook elementary school, but then opened fire in the classroom as well as the front office.

President Obama made a statement earlier which is what I’m sure every parent, sister, aunt or uncle, or even just someone who knows someone in elementary school feels reading this news – “Our hearts are broken today”.

18 children and 6 adults were killed on the scene as well as the gunman, and two children have passed away later at the hospital.

View the live Ustream at the scene here:

And, for more information, see the Toronto Star:–school-shooting-reported-in-connecticut-lockdown-in-place


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