To an old friend,

I lived this day complaining about having to shovel the snow in my driveway and not wanting to help out around the house. But what would happen if I – really – couldn’t help out anymore? I just found out that one of my closest friends throughout highschool just passed away.

I don’t know why, and I suppose it’s my own fault for not keeping in touch with him. We stopped talking about 2-3 years ago. I didn’t even know he got accepted into college, or that he was actually doing something with his life. I let him go (figuratively) when I started highschool, because I thought that hanging around with people who weren’t ambitious would only bring me down. But he was the only friend from highschool who never judged any of my actions, or decisions. And even if we didn’t talk for months at a time, he would always be one of the first to say Happy Birthday and do something a little out of his way that day for me.

There isn’t anything I regret more right now than not being able to say goodbye or for thanking him for all the times he helped me in highschool. He helped me overcome so many obstacles, and I’ll never forget him for that. He was a good person, and he never even got to live his life yet. Life isn’t fair.

RIP. Barry Dejonge ♥


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