Movie Review: My Girlfriend is an Agent (Korean)

Aired: Apr. 23’09
Cast: Kang Ji-hwan, Kim Na Neul, Elizabeth Sujin Ford

Starting off with an undercover scene, we are introduced to Ahn Su-Ji, undercover bride-to-be. Jae-Joon, her confused and distraught boyfriend can’t understand why she keeps making excuses and hiding things from him. Inevitably explaining why he decides to leave her for international business.

He calls her Su-Ji for the last time at the airport, but due to being on the job in the middle of a chase, she is unable to answer his call.


After three years, they are reunited. Su-ji is now working on a case involving the Russian mafia and biological weapons. While undercover, she poses as a janitor and happens to come across Jae-Joon.


I’ll leave it at that. People are saying that this is Korea’s version of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and while the idea of secret agent ‘spouses’ hiding it from one another is similar, the way it is presented is different.

(No spoilers in this post, because you need to watch it!)

I recommend this movie for anyone who enjoys a little bit of action, mixed with some regular Korean romance. My rating would be 3/5. Docked off points for corniness, and lack of realism.

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