♡ YORKDALE HAUL: Sephora, Brandy Melville, Topshop, MAC/The Bay

I rarely ever come to this mall because it’s completely out of my way. But ever since they announced a Brandy Melville would be opening there, I’ve been resisting (with utmost discipline) the temptation to visit Yorkdale mall. Why? Accompanied by BM are Sephora, Topshop, H&M, Zara, and American Apparel. So many visually appealing and wallet stimulating stores to shop at…

Unfortunately I had only gotten there at 7:45pm after a work shift. The mall closes at 9pm, and everyone knows that my love for makeup keeps me in Sephora for at least half an hour.

That being said, the first place I went to was Sephora. I needed to use my 10% off VIB coupon, so I picked up some goodies: Naked “Basics” palette (x2), Makeup Forever’s Aquabrow in 25, Nars Matte Lipstick in Bangkok, Sephora retractable brow pencil in Nutmeg Brown.

Next stop was Brandy Melville. There were so many basics that I wanted to pick up, but I’d already be going over my budget for the day. I originally went to get three graphic shirts but one of the three were no where to be found (fancy as f*ck crop tee). Unfortunate. The two extras I picked up were a long maxi skirt and a crop microfibre tee with shoulder eyelets.

At Topshop, I surprisingly didn’t find anything that I absolutely loved and wouldn’t mind paying a pretty penny for. That being said, I did walk out with frilly socks (I’ve been searching for some forever!) that I could pair with maryjane heels. 3 for $13!

Ending off my haul at The Bay, I originally went for the intention of buying Fluidline in “Blacktrak” and Liquidlast liner in “Point Black”… I ended up coming home with a frost and matte lipstick. Both of which I was consulted and suggested. I swatched them in store, and I’m happy that I finally found a nude and pink lippy that don’t make me look dead or – dare I say – “ratchet“.


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