Update now to iOS 7!

Yes! The time has finally come. We’ve all been waiting for the new iOS since Apple first announced all the exciting features that came with the update. So, to sum things up, if you haven’t already downloaded and installed Apple’s newest operating system, I’m here to tell you why you should!

  1. It’s more visually appealing
    If you were a Cocoppa (app) user or you constantly found yourself oogling at your friends’ smartphones because of its minimalist-chic interface then looking back at yours (with the old iOS) and thinking how generic it is. Then you’ll definitely love the new skeuomorphic aesthetic of iOS 7.
  2. New control center makes it easier to use common features
    Swipe up to open the new control center where you can adjust common feature like brightness or airplane mode. You can also find a new built-in flashlight there which (like flashlight apps) uses the phone’s flash.
  3. Improved App Store
    If you used to get annoyed seeing the notification whenever you needed to update your apps, then you better update to the new iOS… the new app store gives users the option of turning on automatic updates (hurray!) The new App Store changes the way they organize apps creating a more specified search – you may not find this important, but it’s great for parents who want to make sure apps are age-appropriate for children using iPads, the iPod Touch, etc.
  4. Improved multitasking
    Yes, they had it in the past but in iOS 7, switching from app to app has become almost seamless. Also, to close apps, you no longer need to click on the little red ‘x’ but instead swipe up – for more than one app, use more than one finger.
  5. Siri can now be a guy!
    Not much else to say about that one.
  6. It’s free, so why not?

That being said, yes, I did update to iOS 7 as soon as I could. & Do I love it? Well… yes, but all new toys are fun in the beginning.

FYI | This update is only compatible with:

  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPod Touch (5th gen)
  • iPad 2 (w&w/o retina display)
  • iPad Mini

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