Birthday Recap ♡ { Day 2 }

Saturday, 09|21|13

I woke up early to dress in a 50’s-inspired outfit for work. I was able to film this Halloween look as a tutorial for YouTube so look out for that in the near future. The store was super busy, it was Saturday after all. When I finally finished at 4:30pm, I left and went home to eat and get ready.


I met up with some friends at Tim Horton’s, had some coffee then headed to Skyzone (Mississauga) where we planned to spend most of our night. I have a history doing gymnastics, but even for those who don’t, this was still a really exciting venue. It’s basically a trampoline park where the floors and walls are all built with trampolines. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take very many photos since I didn’t want to risk having my phone on me, and then crushed.


About 20 minutes into our jump, I realized one of my friends had disappeared. Little did we know, he actually spent his time stuck in the foam pit where jumpers practice their flips and tumbles. Stuck… not stuck like he wouldn’t get out, but stuck like he absolutely couldn’t. Couldn’t because he dislocated his shoulder.


Long story short, I took him to the hospital and spent 5 hours being tossed from one waiting room to the next. Poor guy. Get better soon, Derick!


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