YouTube issues :(


As you may have noticed, a lot of my recent posts regarding Halloween costumes have all been accompanied by a corresponding YouTube video. Within my videos, there is a span where I put on makeup and don’t speak. I’m not a fan of awkward silences so I fill in the blank with free creative commons music from Teknoaxe on YouTube. He allows users to use his music for their videos – monetized or not. Which is awesome cause his music is brilliant.

However, I’ve been having issues with YouTube removing monetization from my videos, and needing proof that I have written consent to use Teknoaxe’s music. I do have that, but YouTube didn’t email me, and so I can’t email them the proof. Unbelievably annoying process, really.

That being said, a few videos seem to be missing because of this reason. I’m still going to link them in my blog posts, so if any videos are unavailable at the time, I’m sure they will be back up at some point. I apologize for this inconvenience in advanced 😦


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