{ Snow White } Halloween makeup, hair, and costume


After the long Halloween journey, we finally come to an end. This is my last tutorial for the season, and it is my favourite thus far. It’s appropriate for all Halloween events (unless you not comfortable being modest in a club). Thank you all for joining me, and I hope you stick around for my non-Halloween videos/blog posts as well.


20131029-235224.jpgThe dress was from Value Village’s new Halloween section, and was around $60. It’s an investment piece, especially if you’re a die-hard Halloween fanatic. It’s a classic, and it’s timeless. If you don’t end up wearing it over and over for Halloween, guaranteed at some point, your future daughter, niece, or granddaughter will.

20131030-000652.jpgThe crown was also from Value Village. It costed $7. Fabulous! Also a good investment, especially if you / your daughter / a girl you know hasn’t had their graduation, or prom yet. It’s a great accessory for that occasion as well.


I had to add this last photo in for the ‘lols’.

Thug life.


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