{ behind the blog }

Hi! I’m Camille Co, a multi-platform journalist, web design junkie, and social media specialist. I love 90’s television, vanity blogs, event planning, video games, sweater weather, Zumba, stanced Japanese cars, and all things social or digital.

I am an honours graduate from the University of Guelph-Humber with a Bachelor Degree in Applied Arts – Media Studies and a Diploma in Journalism – Print and Broadcast from the Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.

In the past, I have worked as a Contributing Editorial Assistant at Today’s Parent, as well as a Game Writer for SocialScavenger. I have a huge love for travelling. Although I’m from the GTA, I would love to get out and see the world, living city to city, meeting new people, and hearing everyones’ stories.

Welcome to my humble getaway, my blog! Please, take a seat… relax, and enjoy your stay.


{ about the blog }

My goal is to express myself and inspire others through my passion for blogging and multimedia. I strive to find hidden gems and exhibit it to others. In turn, I inspire others to express themselves through creativity and style while also motivating myself. Win-win situation!


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