{ Spotlight } “Afterlight” App


This has got to be my absolute favourite photo-editing app. They provide tons of amazing filters and frames that a professional photographer or novice would enjoy.

screen568x568 (2)

They also provide a square crop feature which is nice (especially for Instagram users). While also providing little sisters and decor for those who enjoy spicing up their photos a little further. Adjusting exposure, brightness, sharpness, and those type of photograph specifications are made easy with this app.

screen568x568 (3)

At the price of $0.99, this is one photo-editing app, you should definitely not pass up. Find it in the App Store here.

Images: Itunes


{ Spotlight } Kristi Malakoff




The beautiful artworks you see above are creations by Kristi Malakoff, a Canadian artist, who uses international money bills to create 3D polygons. Her patience and skill in cutting, folding, and pasting these bills from all parts of the world is quite admirable. The colours stand out and each shape is sharp and precise. It’s quite outstanding, isn’t it? I think they’d make beautiful centerpieces for side tables, or even an accent on a bookshelf.

For more of her work, visit: http://www.kristimalakoff.com

*Source: honestlywtf.com