♡ TUTORIAL: My Everyday Eye Look!

Who says you can do a smokey eye look when you have monolids?

Products used:

  • Pur cosmetics Cease Crease primer
  • Rimmel duo-eyeshadow in Cream Caramel
  • Covergirl eyeshadow in Brown Smoulder
  • Mac Fluidliner in Blacktrack
  • Mac Liquidlast in Point Black
  • Urban Decay Big Fatty mascara
  • False lashes from Ebay

Tip: Using a light colour in your inner tear-duct not only brightens, but gives the effect of larger eyes. False eyelashes also help to open your eyes more.


♡ DIY: How to use studs!

Looking for a way to make your clothing more edgy? … or just less plain? Try using studs to jazz up your articles of clothing. It’s really easy, and you don’t need anything other than the pieces of clothing you want to DIY, studs, and a pair of scissors or butter knife with a hard (not sharp) edge.

Tip: Different types of studs give different effects. (ie. cone studs look more modern, while pyramid studs are more like 80’s rock)

Have fun with it.


♡ DIY: How to use hemming tape!

As a DIY enthusiast, it is unfortunate that I don’t enjoy hand sewing at all. I’m constantly doing clothing projects that require hemming. I don’t know about you but I get easily frustrated when it comes to hemming pants and skirts.

So I’m sharing my lazy secret with you all: hemming tape! It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and will last just as long as hand sewn seams.

Again, I picked up this hemming tape from R.J. McCarthy’s but you can also buy  it from any craft store (such as Michael’s) or Walmart.


DIY :: Fire-starting Pie!

Based on that title, it sounds like it could be one dangerous treat you wouldn’t want to make. But it really is a treat – not edible, but totally practical.

Picture this. You’re lost on a treeless island. There aren’t any trees around you, so how can you start a fire to signal for help? Ta-da! FIRE-STARTING PIE!

It’s simple! Using just cosmetic cotton pads and candles, you’ll be able to make long and slow burning fire-starting pies.

All you need to do is: put a candle in a pan (one you don’t care about getting wax in), raise the heat, slow and low. Once you have a quarter of an inch of liquid wax, use a tweezer to put the pads in the pan. Don’t let them overlap. After a few seconds, they’ll be perfectly coated. Take them out and cool them on some wax paper before throwing them into a bag.

Ta-da! That’s it.

These pies are small, and make it really convenient to throw into a first-aid kit, emergency kit or bag to store in the car. So the next time you need to start a quick fire, tear one of the pads to expose the fibers inside, and light it up.

*Source: www.lifehacker.com/