{ Music Monday } We Are The People

The original song by Empire Of The Sun was good, but my golly, this is fantastic. It’s a great sunny day song to get work done and be productive. 3:08 has to be my favourite part of the song – its whimsical feel lights up my heart and gets it sparked for the start of a new week.

Happy Monday!


{ Music Monday } Addicted To You

Firstly, I enjoy the music video – and that says a lot since I don’t normally like many music videos. They all just seem objective. It may also just be because the main female actress in the video reminds me a lot of Troian Bellisario from Pretty Little Liars.

This song is directly related to those of you who are like me and didn’t expect to fall in love. Better yet, didn’t expect to fall in love when they did, as deep as they did.

I don’t know just how it happened, I let down my guard…


{ Music Monday } Welcome to the Jungle

My first time hearing this song was through a Vine video. These two guys were doing what they called the Miami Step. The song is darn catchy, that I kept help listening to it looped. At times, I even want to get on my feet and do the dance.

I’ve attempted, and I’ve tried multiple times, but I just can’t get it. I’ll probably devote an hour in the future to learning it like I did the Heel-toe. Below is the original video I heard the song from. Enjoy!


We { can’t } stop, and we { won’t } stop

I was introduced to this cover by my friend David (aka. Tails) and I am so happy with it. It’s the best cover for this song that I’ve ever heard. It’s even better than the original in my opinion but I’m a sucker for any 50’s related music, style, or movies. I’m sure those of you who are too will appreciate this and their other covers.

Happy Hump Day!