Introduction to Tea Reviews

My, my. How unusual to see a post regarding tea by moi. Well, this year, I told myself that something needs to change (physically). Haha, as if I don’t say that every new year..

Being the avid coffee-drinker, I would never freely opt for tea. But what caused me to pick up this tea habit is not being I was forced but because the doctor recommended it. I’ve been going for years with only having about one bottle of water a week. That’s right. It must sound disgusting to you all, but for me, the idea of drinking water was worse. It’s now gotten to the point where if I don’t start drinking more water, my body will eventually break down from the inside. Not to mention, I’ve been more prone to acne, acid reflux, headaches, etc.

My doctor recommended that if I couldn’t manage to drink a couple of glasses of water a day, I should look into adding tea (not the crazily sugared Nestea type) into my daily diet. That’s why I took a trip to my local DavidsTea.

So from now on, you may see a few reviews of various teas from DavidsTea as well as other companies being reviewed on my blog. But do keep in mind, that I’ll be reviewing them from the perspective of a young grasshopper newly-introduced tea drinker.

For more information, visit their website: www.davidstea.com