{ Thrift Haul } Value Village!

Don’t kill me!
I can’t stop my thrifting addiction. On the bright side, I’m paying like 15% of the original costs, so it isn’t as bad.

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Vintage filters & Polaroid photos


What is it about these types of photos that appeal to us?

Perhaps with Polaroids, it’s the idea that at a single mark of time, the photo taken was the exact moment the photographer wanted to capture. It’s the limited shots on a single roll of film which a Polaroid camera allowed, plus not being able to instantly see the photos. It gives a sense of excitement.


But what about just vintage filters? Why do we choose to use them? Is it our fascination with the past, the technology, the unfocused or glared image? It puts an artistic element to the photos, and it also gives the image a totally different feel.


I won’t lie – I excessively turn down the contrast on a lot of my photos to give it somewhat of a retro/vintage vibe. I think it looks creative, and it feels like visuals to a teen angst novel.

1 | 2 & 3


{ Fall OOTD } Modal Shawl Cardigan


This cardigan has been my American Apparel obsession the last few months. The grey modal shawl cardigan is a bit of a splurge, but if you’re the type that likes to invest in pieces that are multi-functional or work with several types of outfits, then this is one you should consider buying.

At the price of $90CAD, the modal shawl cardigan works for casual, business casual, or even bummy/comfortable looks. It is made of black natural acrylic boucle (70% cotton / 30% acrylic), and is approximately 39 1/4 ” (99.7 cm) in length (according to the website). Although it is a more sheer cardigan, it does keep you warm, like any blanket would. It is a one-size-fits-most. Buy it here.

Another outfit incorporating the cardigan: here


{ Snow White } Halloween makeup, hair, and costume


After the long Halloween journey, we finally come to an end. This is my last tutorial for the season, and it is my favourite thus far. It’s appropriate for all Halloween events (unless you not comfortable being modest in a club). Thank you all for joining me, and I hope you stick around for my non-Halloween videos/blog posts as well.


20131029-235224.jpgThe dress was from Value Village’s new Halloween section, and was around $60. It’s an investment piece, especially if you’re a die-hard Halloween fanatic. It’s a classic, and it’s timeless. If you don’t end up wearing it over and over for Halloween, guaranteed at some point, your future daughter, niece, or granddaughter will.

20131030-000652.jpgThe crown was also from Value Village. It costed $7. Fabulous! Also a good investment, especially if you / your daughter / a girl you know hasn’t had their graduation, or prom yet. It’s a great accessory for that occasion as well.


I had to add this last photo in for the ‘lols’.

Thug life.


{ Zombie maid } Halloween makeup, and costume





Ahhhh zombies! In this case, it’s more like Molly Maid got attacked by a zombie and became one herself! Yikes. I wouldn’t want her cleaning my house. I purchased this costume two years ago from Value Village’s new section.

I had a lot of people approach me at work to ask how I did this look because they wanted to do something similar but dressed as a Disney princess. That’s cute.


Here’s a look at the makeup from a more centered angle. Be sure to check out my video to see how I created the fake skin and wounds!



and here’s what it looked like after I added more blood!


{ Hippie } Halloween costume



This is easily my quickest DIY costume. My hippie look is recreated by any floral dress in your closet, a braided headband (American Apparel), and a flower clip attached to it (Ardene’s).

1395361_1427202264160151_1635145399_nI also drew a peace sign and heart on my cheek to add more “hippieness” to the costume.


{ Overgrown baby } Halloween costume



Probably one of my more relaxed costumes, this one was easy and didn’t require very much effort at all.
All you need is A) a onesie or nightgrown works best B) pigtails C) a pacifier. (My onesie is from Winners a year ago)


Here’s a close-up on the makeup I did. It’s probably best to go au naturel but I went out previous to going to work, so I already had eye makeup on. The tear drops were made with gel eyeliner, blue eyeshadow, and a Lise Watier glitter liner.