{ Spotlight } “Plant Nanny” App


We all know how hard it is for me to drink water. I got scolded by my doctor for only having a single bottle of water a week. Now that I visit the gym frequently, I manage to have about a bottle every other day, but I’m sure you’re all aware that the proper amount to have on average is 8 glasses a day.


Plant Nanny helps its users regulate how much water they drink by providing a cute, interactive, and educational user-interface. Every plant require 8 glasses of water to survive the day, so when you have one, you give your plant one. There are several other options of how to take your water (ie. mug, bottle, etc.) so you can adjust it for accuracy.

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At only $1.99, I find this alarming wake-up app a bit pricey, but it’s worth the price if you find yourself always hitting the snooze button. Find it in the App Store here.

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Spotlight | “Drink Right” App (iphone)


We all know how important it is to drink water, but what we may or may not know is how to drink water the right way.

This handy iPhone app is designed to help users keep track of how much water they are consuming, as well as how much water to consume a day in order to keep their bodies hydrated.


Users are able to input their height, and weight in order to assist the app in calculating how much water they need to consume. Over time, the user is also able to keep track of their drinking records.


At only $0.99, with interactive and adorable graphics, this app is definitely a fun way to help people drink right. Find it in the App Store here.

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